l’amour fou

l’amour fou ______________________ I am longing for the man whom I cannot live with _______________________ I wish to spend my life with him but know that it will kill us _______________________ I see him in my dreams but he appears in my nightmares too _______________________ I love him and desire him despite he drives me … Continue reading

hanoi dining

a little grain of a much larger love story; one of infinite highs and most turbulent lows.. ___________________________________________________________ I never forget, my love, when we had dinner in Hanoi. A little, charming  family run Vietnamese restaurant in the old quarter of the city. They made excellent food. I will never forget it. We had dinner … Continue reading

chasing butterflies

When you stop chasing the butterfly Trying to capture beauty It will come to you The butterfly is magic As is everything around it All made of the same fabric _________________________ What are you really chasing? _________________________ |Denmark 2009


I am a poet in love my lover is life my words are flying on the sky   |Denmark 2008

when only honesty remains

a friend of mine composes excellent meditation music, and one song of his, in particular, always seems to touch me deeply. It feels like the sound waves penetrates me effortlessly and reaches places of depth, I didn’t even know existed. Below is an attempt to put words to the experience of what the music does … Continue reading