The river beautifully called Ganga gives life to the vibrant city of Banaras. Ganga is the pulsing vain of eternal life calmly, endlessly, passing through the city. Ganga holds millions of lives, all flavors of the world, and endless wisdom. The force of Ganga is undeniable, calling people from across the world; and her grace will leave no one untouched. Ganga will forever remain a mystery, a riddle for which no solution is to be found. Ganga just is. Her mystery embraces the city and cast upon it a holy vibration. Spirituality, love, and wisdom are in the lungs of each being breathing Banaras moments. As the city moves kites are flying, kites are playing and competing, kites are lying broken on the ground. Spinning, infinite circles of life. Life beginning, life ending in Banaras, touched by the limitless Ganga.

Let love flow
like the river of Ganges
no beginning, no end
eternal flow
and people will come to swim in it

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