there is something about Vietnam

The green color of Vietnam is in our blood now, a friend of mine said. I agree. The sweet character and charm of Vietnam have made us fall for it. It is in our hearts. Vietnam is like our lover; someone whom we cannot fittingly live with forever, yet we are so attracted to it, it is passionate, and we shall always seek back. Vietnam is a country with soul and character. It is breathing, its heart is beating, in constant movement. Constant change. I feel blessed for the time I have had with Vietnam. I have seen its beauty and darkness. There is something about Vietnam.

Vietnam is a challenge, a friend, a lover, and a teacher. Vietnam makes you laugh, scream, cry, smile, dance, hold your breath – it makes you see. It brings out so much in you, touching and revealing layers within you, previously foreign. It makes you live, it makes you open, and it forces you to take a standpoint; to act and react. You cannot sit down and let Vietnam pass by unseen. It is like a woman who makes you turn your head, by law of nature, who makes you feel, good and bad. The is something about Vietnam.

I love what Vietnam does to me. I love that I can walk down a familiar street, yet it feels like a new adventure and new sensation each time. No street, no place, no day is ever the same in Vietnam. It is so vibrant and dynamic that it always changes, meanwhile you always feel at home. I love how you at any time can walk down a street, randomly, and experience some which immediately makes you stop to gaze. Beautiful people, stunning scenery, charming neighborhoods, remarkable architecture, special colors and smells. It touches you. Pure paint for your canvas. Then, a minuet later you stop again, on the same street, this time in total shock or sadness witnessing injustice in millions of shades. Powerful emotions – act and react – arise just from walking down a street; forcing you to live, to feel, to be.

To me, Vietnam is an elegant lady, beautiful and dangerous, with charm and temper. She will seduce you and reject you over and over. She is proud and graceful, and can truly take your breath away. I know I will never forget her; she’s in my heart and I will come back to see her.

|Vietnam 2006


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