full-on tree-hugger

Love. What a small but powerful and significant word. The word can never explain or justify the feeling behind. And I realize, that it is a small word, but one of the most important ones in our vocabulary, and yet, it seems very individual how the word is understood. What is love? Ask, and many diverging answers will come.

Love to me is everything. The totality, the abundance, the “all that is” in the now. Love is freedom. Love simply is. I have realized the abundance of love, how it is omnipresent. It is everywhere and nowhere. It is right here. There is no need to search for it. It is right in front of me, around me, within me. The connection between the ‘around me’ and ‘within me’ is love. It is as much the air we breath, as the gentle touches we give our loved ones.

Last week I went to visit my favorite tree in a park close to where I live. I sat by its massive roots, back against its trunk, and surrounded by its fresh green leaves; like a green, crisp, and vibrant cave. My hand was touching it and I felt a strong energy flowing. It was so vibrant and alive, just like we are. We were connected the tree and I, as in meditation, hand-in-hand. I actually felt the love right there. The tree is love. Pure and simple. Proud and graceful it stands and radiates its energy, its love, to us. It doesn’t ask for anything. It is not complicated by words. It is pure and honest and very loving. It gives each moment all that it has, year after year, patiently welcoming what sessions might bring. Sitting under its wings I felt its love and these reflections came in mind. That love is right here. The tree is a masterpiece of beauty. It is as living as we are. Unlike humans it is wholly peaceful, loving, and asks for nothing. I felt such a humbling gratefulness for the tree, as it stands silently and unpretentious in its glory. And it is not just the tree. It is all nature, all being, all. Even the air we breathe. In realizing this simple thing, I understand that I need never to search for love. It is all abundant and always available. The only blocks to that can only be I, my mind, my ego. When I open for the connection between my inside and the ‘around me’, love is complete. That is when I with an open heart meet the world as it is. What a simple and yet complicated realization. What a blessing to be able to feel a tree and all that is around. Love. I walked away from the tree laughing to myself for truly being a real, full-on ‘tree-hugger’.


|Denmark 2009


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