tin foil

in the process of discovering the true nature of my being, of my soul, I went through a period of time feeling rather stiff; as if there was a discrepancy between my true self and the being I knew to be outwardly. I felt like shaking off that layer of stiffness, and wrote these words trying to put words to the experience.


As if covered by a layer of wax

or invisible tin foil

I feel my stiffness

It is a distance

a layer of waste

towards my purest self

the deepest beating core


The urge of dancing, jumping

shaking myself to the core


A scream which looses its power

as it meets the tin foil from the inside

and bounces back inwards

It never gets heard

Not even by the birds


An urge to scream

to my core

A scream so profound

that I will crack

and the pureness will be standing behind


As an egg

which cannot be peeled

it might require a free fall

to crack


|India 2008


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