two dogs let loose

Silent presence sets the scene upon which our souls sing, the melodies of our deepest self; Together they dance and play to the delicate tunes of the universe like two dogs let loose in a spring coated forest.   |Denmark 2009

letters from a stranger

Letters from a stranger Letters from a stranger I know better than my best friend; letters from a stranger I know are the words in my silent mind, born in truth, send by the heart; letters from a stranger I love are poetry from the universe; within as beyond. |Denmark 2009

a small remark

a small remark is a big gift when it comes from within |Denmark 2009


a grain in the form of a reminder received in meditation ___________________________________________ flow don’t fear, just be don’t doubt, just act don’t hesitate, just flow   You must learn that the free flow actually only exist within yourself. It does not have anything to do with anyone else. The flow will take you where you … Continue reading

quench your thirst

|India 2008