around the lakes

a small grain, words once written in a letter to a friend, mailing a piece of a Copenhagen spring moment


around the lakes

Today was the day to reply to your last letter. I suppose it feels overwhelming to sit down with a blank paper, because there is so much I always wish to express. Confronting the blank paper just makes me realize how much I have at heart. It’s the complete opposite of the blank, untouched paper. My reply thus becomes the compromise of those two extremes, and I pour some of my heart into the white sheet of paper, the lines and rows of thoughts. My mind, the moment, and the blank paper together decide what will end up being printed on it, which words to choose in an infinite universe of word constellations.

Today is the day of this compromise and fusion of words, thoughts and all in-between. The sun has been shining over Copenhagen, fooling each of us to live as it was spring just today. Spring truly brings out the best in us. Yet I suppose spring might as well be something you feel inside, a state of mind at any given day and moment.

I suspect the sun for throwing a spring-like day at us, every now and then regardless of seasons, in order to remind those who might forget, that spring is around.

Spring is possible. That spring will be coming, like a fresh new day also always is coming. Giving hope to those who get sucked into winter depressions, who cannot see that spring, summer, autumn and winter are all in our veins all year around. I love being out on the streets on these days, tense of excitement and release. People are smiling, they are embracing the moment of spring, and they seem to have a re-boost of dreams and hope. All this, just because the sun chose to shine some extra at us today and collaborated with the clouds, who agreed to stay home. It was beautiful. I walk the city and feel blessed for being here, for being out, for being. In the centre of Copenhagen there are three lakes after each other. Like pearls on a row. The lakes, we call them. Everyone knows them, everyone in the city relates to them. The lakes. Active people run around them; friends walk around them with a coffee to go; mothers takes their babies and kids for a ride a round them; couples holds hands around them; we all smile around them. That is the lakes. Today even more people joined around them. I am walking-thinking-smiling around them several times per week. The second lake in particular, that is my lake. When you talk to friends you agree to meet up, at my lake or at your lake (referring to number one, two, or three). Thus, most of us relate to them in one way or another. To me they are the heart of Copenhagen in some obscure way. Obscure, as they are neither rather large nor particular stunning at such (the water is not very deep, there is a lot of garbage floating in the corners, bikes are appearing on the bottom etc). Yet they are something. Because people gather around them, and enjoy themselves around them. They are thus what we make them to be. I guess I almost just took you on a walk around the lakes of Copenhagen. The blank paper and the moments I have had today, made me now take you with me around the lakes.

|Denmark 2008


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