meetings on our paths

another little pile of words, once written down in a letter to friend, about meetings on our paths

meetings on our paths.

I liked your thoughts on how despite you leave a place, you somehow still remain there, even if it is just as a possibility or in memory. It is true. I guess in some way it really is not about the places, but rather the people. Throughout your life, here and there in the world, you cross paths with people you connect with – for a moment, for a brief while, or for longer periods – and when you depart; you will bring a piece of them with you – as they will do with you.

a passing mood, or so much more?

The Danish philosopher Knud Ejler Løgstrup puts it delicately like this:

”A person never has something to do with another person without also having some degree of control over him or her. It may be a very small matter, involving only a passing mood, a dampening or quickening of spirit, a deepening or removal of some dislike. But it may also be a matter of tremendous scope, such as can determine if the life of the other flourishes or not.”

Despite the consequence of the encounter, we meet people on our paths; paths that can take us around the world, and each special encounter leaves a trace in both persons, by law of nature. In this way, it is like you become spread like stars on a heaven, in peoples’ hearts and minds, while you are the universe. The totality. The stars are pieces of your spirit, or the meaning behind the encounter, shining in other humans’ hearts. This applies to all humans. Each person has his or her own universe, with their own stars on it. You are the universe, the stars the places you take up in other peoples’ hearts or the space of mutual meaningfulness inherent in the meetings, knowingly or not. So if you ever should feel alone, just look above at a clear night sky and you will feel loved. I have never thought about this image before, it suddenly just made sense. You are a star on my sky, in my universe – and vice versa. Some stars are brighter than others and some, perhaps, more in the nature of shooting stars. Beautiful and intense for a while, but they burn out and seems to disappear from the universe, leaving little visible trace. Okay, maybe that was taking it too far, but I think the point was made. The question is, if all meeting on your path can be seen as valuable lessons, then what have you learned; who have you become; who have you discovered within yourself by the fine direction of each encounter ever made on your path?

|Denmark 2008


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