between two chairs

between two chairs

I am sitting between two chairs; or are there two chairs between me and the world? I feel at home without belonging, or am I belonging, without feeling at home?


In chaos I feel my stillness
In stillness I feel my chaos
In chaotic societies I find freedom;
In structured societies my limitations


I am floating between two chairs, two worlds, two extremes, or is it two sides to the same coin? I know, but are yet to feel innately, that it is all one. Chaos and stillness is a peculiar couple, aren’t they. Hand-in-hand they walk together, they make love and fight. Chaos is yelling, getting upset; stillness smiles passionately back. The day comes where chaos in the heat of the moment wants out, breaks up, slams the door behind, and leaves. Both they sigh with relief, only to find that they cannot feel oneself without the other.

If only they knew, that they were one simple coin.


|Denmark 2009


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