knowing not-knowing

I have been contemplating something which appears as an apparent paradox. Yet, I am not sure it really is a paradox examining it at a deeper level; because in-depth where duality ceases to exist paradoxes of any nature will of course dissolve. Everything coexists and just is in the depth of matter. ___ A spiritual … Continue reading


genius ____ The extraordinary architecture of the Roman Empire When I walked the streets of Rome, I felt like bowing for the incredible universe; humble, grateful, and impressed smiling from within. Absolute amazement was written on my expression. I felt small at the feet of the vastness of life – of the masterpieces our predecessors … Continue reading

storm in a glass of water

a grain depicting a bizarre but insightful lesson I was once taught, while having to accept letting go of a soul mate kind of love – noticing the strange dance between ego and soul.. ________________________________________________ storm in a glass of water Life has over the last many weeks been teaching me a lesson, so intense … Continue reading

if you really pay attention

A nice little grain written by Paula Underwood from iJourney on hearing that which is not said with words.. iJourney: If You Really Pay Attention, by Paula Underwood.


EMBRACED rays from the quiet heart ____________________pulsates with the beat ____________________of each moment ________surrounds you like the ____________________________most loving hug ________________________________________a mother can give her child _______________________you are embraced |Denmark 2009