The extraordinary architecture of the Roman Empire

When I walked the streets of Rome, I felt like bowing for the incredible universe; humble, grateful, and impressed smiling from within. Absolute amazement was written on my expression. I felt small at the feet of the vastness of life – of the masterpieces our predecessors have created in a fashion we cannot begin to fathom, despite the modern technology of today. Pure wonders of life stands strong through history.



The breath-taking serenity of Himalayan nature

Hiking in the unspoiled deep of the Himalayan mountains, the same state of marvel once again surfaced. I recognized the feeling from that of walking the streets of Rome. The crisp and raw Himalayan forest surrounded by far-reaching mountains and patterned carefully with the most clear river streams, leaves you in awe. All colors of the palette would appear more profound and colorful than ever, as was it here the actual colors originated. Spending time in the remote Himalayan nature is in my opinion one of those experiences where you must bite yourself in the lib or pinch your arm, just to assure you are not dreaming. And its grandeur and rough serenity cannot but make you realize, that you have been flirted with by life and makes clear the overshadowing power and beauty of life in the now.


The genius of Michael Jackson’s musical being

Then, the familiar feeling of sincere awe and marvel – of feeling small by the feet at something much larger – occurred again in a completely different and most surprising circumstance – not by extraordinary architecture, not by impressive nature, but by witnessing the strike of genius within a human being. When I watched the movie “this is it” on the last months of music rehearsals by Michael Jackson before his passing; there it was again the marvel! “This is it” was such a fitting title and frankly all I could stutter afterward. I am not particularly a Michael Jackson fan at all, so this experience truly took me by surprise. Intrigued by the experience, I went twice again to see it on the large screen in cinema. Sure enough, the awe and marvel was still there. I somehow found the movie portraying a glimpse into the creative work-process of Michael Jackson, held a similar power and energy to that of the historic architecture of the Roman Empire, and the impressive Himalaya mountains. In its core these three phenomena are the same: pure genius.

Watching the movie I was inclined to believe, that there was some shade of genius over Michael Jackson. He was an unbelievable gift the world through the creation of novel music and showing to other mortals, how much ‘in-tune’ a human being actually can be. It seemed as if the music and he was one. The creation of nodes, the noticing of the most delicate nuances came to him almost intuitively before thought. It reminds me of Osho’s writing on creativity, when it comes from the truest place of all. It might be that Michael Jackson suffered in his earthly life as many geniuses often seem to do, but could it be that by his very nature, he also set others free? By being music, by being rhythm in his core, he mastered something beyond what is understandable. He created extraordinarily and gave in his music way above 100%. In this perspective, he might just have been a rare blessing to the world. I find that being so completely a character is an inspiration, and if it wasn’t for people like him, the world would be rather mundane.

Geniality in all its form touches us at our core. It might be that it awakens or pokes to that same essence which lies within all of us. Michael Jackson gave absolutely all he had to the world trough music; he dared and used it all. What he poured into this world is beyond measure, its brilliance and true power is a treasure. We – the people of the planet – need rare and special characters like his; not matter whether we like to hate them, gossip about them, or cheer for them. It’s a flavor the world needs. True creativity is the deepest source if inspiration; it is divine; it sets us free and makes us dip our toes into our own true and vast potential.

|Denmark 2009

4 Responses to “genius”
  1. Elke Hassell says:

    What a Great Article – Thank you for that

  2. TheresaB says:

    I have not seen this before. What a great blog. It accurately reflects the feelings many of us have experienced about Michael Jackson. What a monumental loss to humanity but he was also a monumental gift to humanity.

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