knowing not-knowing

I have been contemplating something which appears as an apparent paradox. Yet, I am not sure it really is a paradox examining it at a deeper level; because in-depth where duality ceases to exist paradoxes of any nature will of course dissolve. Everything coexists and just is in the depth of matter.


A spiritual paradox?

Nonetheless, I still reflect about this little grain of peculiarity I have observed. The first paradox is concerning the process of getting to know oneself better, becoming all that which you are – the real you – and at the same time understanding, that you are vast and eternal. In asking ‘who am I’ you start to feel the eternal vastness of the reply. You are all and nothing, one with all and nothing. You cannot in essence define yourself through thought. That would be limiting yourself to paraphrase Eckhart Tolle. In the process of letting go of the ego-made labels, you start realizing that you in some way ‘don’t know’ who you are; or rather, while you might ‘know’ who you are at your core, it cannot accurately be expressed. That is because the very act of that expression would be limiting yourself through thought. Hence, the paradox is that in knowing yourself more and more, you come to sense that you ‘don’t know who you are’ (as that which you really are, is so much bigger than the you you thought you were).

The other seemingly paradox, somewhat related to the other, is the following: the feeling of expansion, reaching out, opening up your heart and being which occurs walking on the spiritual path – and at the same time a feeling of being more centred, more refined, more ‘concentrated’, focused and powerful. It is as if your heart is opening, your consciousness expanding, the deep space within increasingly feels eternal and vast – and in that very same process, you also become more focused, clear and centred like a powerful laser beam. Hence, things are expanding and falling into place and becoming clearer, at the same time. To the earthly ear, that sounds a bit like a paradox. If it is not a paradox, then at least a highly fascinating phenomenon.

|Denmark 2009


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