grounded expansion

this grain of thoughts is my attempt to gather some words for a magical, meditative piece of music composed of a dear friend to whom I dedicate this poem. Thank you Gunnar, for bringing such beauty and expansion to us through your music. Listening to it, it is as if millions of doors open, an … Continue reading

ever light, ever yours

ever light, ever yours   the finest balance of life delicate nuances of human context the crisp of spring the colors of autumn the indefinable smell of a rose  __ immense beauty resides in the simplest of things in the most known of matter in that which surrounds you at every minuet a miracle even, … Continue reading

the golden carpet

the golden carpet By the shore of a still river a father tells his son ‘do you see, my child, regardless of where you stand the sun above folds out a golden carpet right at your feet leading to its door.’ |Denmark 2011

particles called life

Life is fragile, yet powerful. It is soft, vibrant, and ever-moving. Its depth is profound and in eternal motion. It is unbelievable caring and soft, always allowing you to dance with it and shape it exactly as you wish. It, at any given moment, embraces you fully like a soft cloud of golden, light particles … Continue reading