eyes _______________________ fire burns waves of tide and ebb in your eyes ______________________ |Denmark 2011


thorns __ thorns grow _even on —roses ___ |Denmark 2011

undercurrent creative

undercurrent creative head first jumping off the cliff as complete surrender I break the surface of the water diving far into the depth of my ingenious undercurrent absorbed in this creativity I let it take me astray the wave tops in a breath unreachable at the ebb of panic, I accept my faith of drowning; … Continue reading

tapping into creativity

Creativity. Genius.   What is creativity? What is genius? And, how are these two related?   Creativity is perhaps one of the most essential flavors to human existence; one of the most important phenomena the human kind are capable of. Creativity will always be somewhat an enigma, an alluring riddle which, however hard a try, … Continue reading