undercurrent creative

undercurrent creative

head first jumping off the cliff
as complete surrender
I break the surface
of the water

diving far into the depth
of my ingenious undercurrent
absorbed in this creativity
I let it take me astray

the wave tops in a breath unreachable
at the ebb of panic, I accept my faith
of drowning; yet surpassing surrender at new
I am breathing under water 

|Denmark 2011
4 Responses to “undercurrent creative”
  1. sandrabranum says:

    I love your work. It’s so truthful and thought provoking. I know for me the hardest thing has been learning to “let go”.

    Sandra Branum

    • Thanks for your feedback. I know! To me it seems that letting go or ‘surrendering’ is something which must take place over and over..and the tricky part is that it cannot be forced. But then, so beautiful, liberating and true when we succeed. I see it as a very essential process or phenomenon of creativity..

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