Human emotions versus spiritual strength

Identifying too little with your spiritual strength

Below is a short, but in my opinion, very powerful and useful passage from Michael Newtons book Destiny of Souls. It is a thick book, and somewhere in the last pages I read these few lines, which stood out from the pages, and was what I needed to learn from that book. I find the last sentence on identifying too much with our human emotions, and too little with our spiritual strength, as an extremely useful reminder in my own life. Somehow reading those lines every so often, helps gain a bigger perspective and makes it easier to discover, when you are swimming in the sea of human emotions, such that you can step out of it again. Over the years, I have shared the quote with many people, and often people react by wanting to write it down. For many of us, it seems like something we wish to remember and be reminded off. So here it is, perhaps it can be useful to you too, if you found your way to this blog.


From the book ‘destiny of souls’ by Michael Newton (p.317):

Dr. N: You seem very blissful about appearing in front of your council.

S: Yes, I have scrubbed off the last of my body armor

Dr. N: Body armor?

S: Yes, my protective armor – to avoid being hurt. It took me centuries to learn to trust and be open with people inclined to hurt me as an outgrowth of their own anger. This was my last major hurdle.

Dr. N: Why was this so difficult for you?

S: I identified too much with my emotions rather than my spiritual strength. This created self-doubt in my relations to others whom I perceived to be stronger and more knowledgeable than myself – but they were not.


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