who would you be?

who would you be?


What if we don’t have to do anything?

What if there in reality is nothing to fix, change or correct?

What if you don’t have to perform?

What if life is not as much about doing as it is about being?

What if all you have ‘to do’ is to be?


Pure Laughter - Gilr from Calcutta

who are you?


What if I told you, that you are perfect and wonderful just as you are?

What if I told you that there is nothing wrong with you and nothing about you that you should change? Because the thing is, the real you is magnificent and glorious and such a gift to the world – and it is already there within you for you to be.

If I told you that I see your extraordinary unique beauty and accept all that you are – and if you say the same to yourself, tell me then, who do you see in the mirror?

If I told you that you don’t have to do but to be, then who would you be?

————— —– — ————

“You are already that, which you are trying to become” – Osho

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