web of life

Life is miraculous.

Divine intelligence and love guides everything.

Every now and then, in crisp moments of truth, it is as if the divine pulls back the veil – the curtain of illusion – and let us have a quick glimpse of how things work; a brief peek into the loving laws of the universe.

For a little while we experience and see, really see, the incomprehensible interconnected web of all; a golden thread that beautifully weaves together everything, small and big – encounters, actions, moments, phrases, images, lessons.

It is when we notice that things are connected in meaningful ways.

It could be for example many distinct happenings in a long row of events, all playing a crucial part for the entire experience to take place, leading to some final important message, encounter, aha-moment, or what ever it is. In these moments we sense that things are by no means random. We realize that what is happening, is supposed to happen, and there is a deeper meaning behind it all. What the meaning is might be clear right away, years later, or perhaps not in this lifetime. Sometimes we know something important has happened, but what exactly or the extent of it, we might not be able to fully comprehend. That is beautiful too.

It feels miraculous, and it is. Some people say that in fact this synchronicity is actually happening all the time, because it is a way the universe operates. When we notice such moment unfolding or in retrospect, we often feel very aligned with ourselves, our surroundings, and the universe.

It is like being at the exactly right place at the right time to witness something great.

These experiences of synchronicity come to everyone. It might be however, that the more open and in flow with life we are, the more these things will happen, because there is both an element of being aware and alert to act on our intuition, and an element of letting go, trusting in the universe and life.

Each of us is connected to the field of infinite intelligence that endlessly creates all of the physical forms in the world. When we awaken to the true nature of creation, we become aware of the eternal patterns and rhythms that govern life. We also realize that the universe is constantly sending us messages in the form of serendipitous events. In fact, we’re completely immersed in a web of coincidences that guide us to fulfill our dharma or purpose in life.”Deepak Chopra

When I notice this taking place, when I experience the flow of synchronicity or fate unfolding, I almost get the feeling of ‘sitting in the back seat’ with life pushing and guiding me gently forward to exactly where I need to be. It always leads to beautiful, touching encounters, and moments. It makes me feel immensely grateful, bubbly with joy, and deeply touched, blessed, and alive.

I feel completely in awe and very humble in witnessing the loving mastermind so intelligently guiding everything. I feel caressed by life. I also feel great peace, because for a brief moment I have let myself completely go and surrendered to the greater flow of life, which through my intuition has guided me to an experience I was meant to have.

I have been shown, that I can trust and surrender to it all because I am fully loved and taken care off. It brings great peace and joy when I manage to ride the beautiful wave of life, rather than swimming against the stream or in circles around myself. It is extraordinarily beautiful. This is the beauty of life at its best.

I marvel by its feet.

light behind the clouds.jpg

|Denmark 2013

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