a quote to remember – Osho

The sadness is sad because you dislike it   Question: Day by Day, Near you, I find myself liking my sadness. What is happening to me, Osho?   Osho replies: “That’s how it should be. If you can like your sadness also, then the sadness is no longer sad. The sadness is sad because you … Continue reading

stepping into each others’ stories

stepping into each others’ stories – the miraculous, interwoven tapestry of life   Have you ever noticed how we sometimes seem to almost out of the blue step right into a specific playing story of some stranger’s life? It is like you are experiencing your own familiar movie and all of a sudden something happens, … Continue reading

you are not alone feeling alone

you are not alone – feeling alone from a feeling of separation to a feeling of oneness   I think loneliness is a very common human experience. I know I have met and still meet it often. It has nothing to do with how many friends we have or the amount of lovely, beautiful relations … Continue reading

the difficult part about waking up

The really difficult part is to wake up right now and realize that I am already home. The really hard part is to understand and wake up to the fact, that there is nothing to do. I am already all that I dream to be. There is nothing I must change about myself – only … Continue reading

Human emotions versus spiritual strength

Identifying too little with your spiritual strength Below is a short, but in my opinion, very powerful and useful passage from Michael Newtons book Destiny of Souls. It is a thick book, and somewhere in the last pages I read these few lines, which stood out from the pages, and was what I needed to … Continue reading