see yourself through my eyes

see yourself through my eyes   dear lover, dear friend, dear fellow traveler if only you could see yourself through my loving eyes even for just the second of a heart beat; you would be transformed ——————————————– if only we could see ourselves with the eyes of a lover; if only we could be as … Continue reading

beauty captured on film

today. right now. the now. This inspiring TED video shows a poetic film by cinematographer, director, and producer Louie Schwartzberg; it is like watching a painting in motion which speaks wisdom of simplicity and truth – and shines rays of beauty. Beauty that is right here, right now, right there for you to notice and … Continue reading


eyes _______________________ fire burns waves of tide and ebb in your eyes ______________________ |Denmark 2011

tapping into creativity

Creativity. Genius.   What is creativity? What is genius? And, how are these two related?   Creativity is perhaps one of the most essential flavors to human existence; one of the most important phenomena the human kind are capable of. Creativity will always be somewhat an enigma, an alluring riddle which, however hard a try, … Continue reading

grounded expansion

this grain of thoughts is my attempt to gather some words for a magical, meditative piece of music composed of a dear friend to whom I dedicate this poem. Thank you Gunnar, for bringing such beauty and expansion to us through your music. Listening to it, it is as if millions of doors open, an … Continue reading