storm in a glass of water

a grain depicting a bizarre but insightful lesson I was once taught, while having to accept letting go of a soul mate kind of love – noticing the strange dance between ego and soul.. ________________________________________________ storm in a glass of water Life has over the last many weeks been teaching me a lesson, so intense … Continue reading

in your arms

In your arms In your arms silently, to the moment we surrender the now crystallizes, as past and future lifetimes merge into one knowingness Our souls communicate poetry of the heart in your arms silently, I meet the depth of truth; a happiness almost painful making our entangled bodies appear Minute. |Denmark 2009

two dogs let loose

Silent presence sets the scene upon which our souls sing, the melodies of our deepest self; Together they dance and play to the delicate tunes of the universe like two dogs let loose in a spring coated forest.   |Denmark 2009

a small remark

a small remark is a big gift when it comes from within |Denmark 2009

can you unlove?

Here is something I have been thinking about:   how to ‘unlove’? Can you “unlove”? You can do something and you can undo it. You can tie something and untie it. Fasten and unfasten. You can build something, and if you are unsatisfied, you can rebuild it. Make, remake. Millions of actions have a correlating … Continue reading