Synchronicity Life is miraculous. Divine intelligence and love guides everything. Every now and then, in crisp moments of truth, it is as if the divine pulls back the veil – the curtain of illusion – and let us have a quick glimpse of how things work; a brief peek into the loving laws of the … Continue reading

a quote to remember – Osho

The sadness is sad because you dislike it   Question: Day by Day, Near you, I find myself liking my sadness. What is happening to me, Osho?   Osho replies: “That’s how it should be. If you can like your sadness also, then the sadness is no longer sad. The sadness is sad because you … Continue reading

undercurrent creative

undercurrent creative head first jumping off the cliff as complete surrender I break the surface of the water diving far into the depth of my ingenious undercurrent absorbed in this creativity I let it take me astray the wave tops in a breath unreachable at the ebb of panic, I accept my faith of drowning; … Continue reading


a grain in the form of a reminder received in meditation ___________________________________________ flow don’t fear, just be don’t doubt, just act don’t hesitate, just flow   You must learn that the free flow actually only exist within yourself. It does not have anything to do with anyone else. The flow will take you where you … Continue reading


In so many different ways and in different situations we hesitate. A hesitation can be a small, almost invisible break between two sentences, or it can be a long, restless, contemplative hesitation on which action to take.  Which either, it holds an element of fear, and in the hesitation excessive mind-spinning takes over; analyzing, rationalizing, … Continue reading