a quote to remember – Rumi

a quote to remember ______________________ ____ ___ __ “Its your road, and yours alone. others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you”. – Rumi ___ ___ ____ _____________________ Advertisements


compass ______________________ May truth be your breath; the mighty tree, your earthly anchor, and the limitless sky, your aspiration. __ And may courage be your engine; Love the fuel. And let the eyes of thou neighbour be __ the mirror in which, your own truth shall reflect, and be known. __ |Denmark 2011

cosmic joke

cosmic joke I think I just got That there is nothing to get ___ I think I just realized That there is nothing to do __ I think I just understood That there is nothing to figure out __ |India 2010

letters from a stranger

Letters from a stranger Letters from a stranger I know better than my best friend; letters from a stranger I know are the words in my silent mind, born in truth, send by the heart; letters from a stranger I love are poetry from the universe; within as beyond. |Denmark 2009

sun salutation

Feel like bowing, humbly At the feet of the sun and all being Who always rise to show us the way |india 2008