the india enigma

the air India breaths holds the world of smells the treasury of spices centuries of mystical knowledge and the fire of the present |India 2008

a chai moment

it is so good that I don’t want it to end the Chai, the old man brewed for me ______ I take small sips but it can only go towards the end if I wish to enjoy the taste like all good things in life _______ the cup will by nature be empty if I … Continue reading


The river beautifully called Ganga gives life to the vibrant city of Banaras. Ganga is the pulsing vain of eternal life calmly, endlessly, passing through the city. Ganga holds millions of lives, all flavors of the world, and endless wisdom. The force of Ganga is undeniable, calling people from across the world; and her grace … Continue reading