a quote to remember – Rumi

the ruby came from a stone ———————————————————- “Don’t run away from grief, o soul Look for the remedy inside the pain. Because the rose came from the thorn and the ruby came from a stone.” ~ Rumi ———————————————————— let the soul emerge ———————————————————— “When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the … Continue reading

a quote to remember – Osho

The sadness is sad because you dislike it   Question: Day by Day, Near you, I find myself liking my sadness. What is happening to me, Osho?   Osho replies: “That’s how it should be. If you can like your sadness also, then the sadness is no longer sad. The sadness is sad because you … Continue reading

human abundance

so little I know so little I have seen so little I have found yet so rich I feel     |Denmark 2013

the difficult part about waking up

The really difficult part is to wake up right now and realize that I am already home. The really hard part is to understand and wake up to the fact, that there is nothing to do. I am already all that I dream to be. There is nothing I must change about myself – only … Continue reading

Human emotions versus spiritual strength

Identifying too little with your spiritual strength Below is a short, but in my opinion, very powerful and useful passage from Michael Newtons book Destiny of Souls. It is a thick book, and somewhere in the last pages I read these few lines, which stood out from the pages, and was what I needed to … Continue reading