eyes _______________________ fire burns waves of tide and ebb in your eyes ______________________ |Denmark 2011

grounded expansion

this grain of thoughts is my attempt to gather some words for a magical, meditative piece of music composed of a dear friend to whom I dedicate this poem. Thank you Gunnar, for bringing such beauty and expansion to us through your music. Listening to it, it is as if millions of doors open, an … Continue reading

the golden carpet

the golden carpet By the shore of a still river a father tells his son ‘do you see, my child, regardless of where you stand the sun above folds out a golden carpet right at your feet leading to its door.’ |Denmark 2011

cosmic joke

cosmic joke I think I just got That there is nothing to get ___ I think I just realized That there is nothing to do __ I think I just understood That there is nothing to figure out __ |India 2010

knowing not-knowing

I have been contemplating something which appears as an apparent paradox. Yet, I am not sure it really is a paradox examining it at a deeper level; because in-depth where duality ceases to exist paradoxes of any nature will of course dissolve. Everything coexists and just is in the depth of matter. ___ A spiritual … Continue reading