between two chairs

between two chairs I am sitting between two chairs; or are there two chairs between me and the world? I feel at home without belonging, or am I belonging, without feeling at home?   In chaos I feel my stillness In stillness I feel my chaos In chaotic societies I find freedom; In structured societies … Continue reading

can you unlove?

Here is something I have been thinking about:   how to ‘unlove’? Can you “unlove”? You can do something and you can undo it. You can tie something and untie it. Fasten and unfasten. You can build something, and if you are unsatisfied, you can rebuild it. Make, remake. Millions of actions have a correlating … Continue reading

love mirrors freedom mirrors love

Love and freedom; maybe the two most essential concepts in our language, and they seem to go hand-in-hand. Love and freedom are intertwined in a way that they cannot truthfully be understood as separate. Inseparable, they reflect meaning onto each other. Love and freedom are a part of each others’ meaning; together they make more … Continue reading


Words are funny. If you think about it, what are words actually? Small signs, letters, we structure and compile, in order to express ourselves, communicate and converse. We put words to things such that we have a frame of common reference. But words are just small, ingenious signs. Yet they play such a significant, dominating … Continue reading

chasing butterflies

When you stop chasing the butterfly Trying to capture beauty It will come to you The butterfly is magic As is everything around it All made of the same fabric _________________________ What are you really chasing? _________________________ |Denmark 2009