grounded expansion

this grain of thoughts is my attempt to gather some words for a magical, meditative piece of music composed of a dear friend to whom I dedicate this poem. Thank you Gunnar, for bringing such beauty and expansion to us through your music. Listening to it, it is as if millions of doors open, an … Continue reading


genius ____ The extraordinary architecture of the Roman Empire When I walked the streets of Rome, I felt like bowing for the incredible universe; humble, grateful, and impressed smiling from within. Absolute amazement was written on my expression. I felt small at the feet of the vastness of life – of the masterpieces our predecessors … Continue reading

when only honesty remains

a friend of mine composes excellent meditation music, and one song of his, in particular, always seems to touch me deeply. It feels like the sound waves penetrates me effortlessly and reaches places of depth, I didn’t even know existed. Below is an attempt to put words to the experience of what the music does … Continue reading