dip your toe in

dip your toe in _______________ notice yourself the pure clean always new, endless river inside of you dip your toe in your essence one day you are all in now the river reflects in your eyes as a map leading others to their rivers of the same water give wings to the sound of the … Continue reading

cosmic joke

cosmic joke I think I just got That there is nothing to get ___ I think I just realized That there is nothing to do __ I think I just understood That there is nothing to figure out __ |India 2010

quench your thirst

|India 2008

morning hours of nectar – film poetry

Morning Hours of Nectar Atin Mehra, photographer and filmmaker, has produced this beautiful footage from one of the most magic cities in the world; Varanasi / Banaras. It captures stunningly the hectic yet sacred, crisp hours of morning buzz by the Ghats of the Ganges. It takes you there. Enjoy a brief trip to this … Continue reading

meetings on our paths

another little pile of words, once written down in a letter to friend, about meetings on our paths meetings on our paths. I liked your thoughts on how despite you leave a place, you somehow still remain there, even if it is just as a possibility or in memory. It is true. I guess in … Continue reading