wiser than us

wiser than us   Wiser than us, our souls instinctive recognize each other In our absence of words they speak of our lives together   Wiser than us they know their immortality In our moments of fear they know the eternal nature of our love   Wiser than us they always smile with gratitude; even … Continue reading

in your arms

In your arms In your arms silently, to the moment we surrender the now crystallizes, as past and future lifetimes merge into one knowingness Our souls communicate poetry of the heart in your arms silently, I meet the depth of truth; a happiness almost painful making our entangled bodies appear Minute. |Denmark 2009


that That which words cannot say That which only you possess That which you bring out in me That which happens, when we smile at each other That which vibrates from within your hand in mine That which happens, when I kiss you passionately on the neck That place to where you disappear, with that … Continue reading

words of silence

He was so beautiful When we were silent Because that was the only time He spoke the truth |India 2008

there is something about Vietnam

The green color of Vietnam is in our blood now, a friend of mine said. I agree. The sweet character and charm of Vietnam have made us fall for it. It is in our hearts. Vietnam is like our lover; someone whom we cannot fittingly live with forever, yet we are so attracted to it, … Continue reading