letters from a stranger

Letters from a stranger Letters from a stranger I know better than my best friend; letters from a stranger I know are the words in my silent mind, born in truth, send by the heart; letters from a stranger I love are poetry from the universe; within as beyond. |Denmark 2009

when only honesty remains

a friend of mine composes excellent meditation music, and one song of his, in particular, always seems to touch me deeply. It feels like the sound waves penetrates me effortlessly and reaches places of depth, I didn’t even know existed. Below is an attempt to put words to the experience of what the music does … Continue reading


In so many different ways and in different situations we hesitate. A hesitation can be a small, almost invisible break between two sentences, or it can be a long, restless, contemplative hesitation on which action to take.  Which either, it holds an element of fear, and in the hesitation excessive mind-spinning takes over; analyzing, rationalizing, … Continue reading

words of silence

He was so beautiful When we were silent Because that was the only time He spoke the truth |India 2008