moment of peace

peace ___________________ in the arms of the Universe I lay my head to rest in a moment, this moment, of Peace ________________________ |Denmark 2013

beauty captured on film

today. right now. the now. This inspiring TED video shows a poetic film by cinematographer, director, and producer Louie Schwartzberg; it is like watching a painting in motion which speaks wisdom of simplicity and truth – and shines rays of beauty. Beauty that is right here, right now, right there for you to notice and … Continue reading


thorns __ thorns grow _even on —roses ___ |Denmark 2011

ever light, ever yours

ever light, ever yours   the finest balance of life delicate nuances of human context the crisp of spring the colors of autumn the indefinable smell of a rose  __ immense beauty resides in the simplest of things in the most known of matter in that which surrounds you at every minuet a miracle even, … Continue reading


EMBRACED rays from the quiet heart ____________________pulsates with the beat ____________________of each moment ________surrounds you like the ____________________________most loving hug ________________________________________a mother can give her child _______________________you are embraced |Denmark 2009