see yourself through my eyes

see yourself through my eyes   dear lover, dear friend, dear fellow traveler if only you could see yourself through my loving eyes even for just the second of a heart beat; you would be transformed ——————————————– if only we could see ourselves with the eyes of a lover; if only we could be as … Continue reading

a quote to remember – marianne williamson

Transformation Today, I evoke the faith of a caterpillar who takes its step toward transformation knowing not what the process is or what the struggles will be, but remembering somewhere inside that it is a butterfly and knowing that is ready to fly. I know that the miracle is already there. I am the miracle. … Continue reading

tin foil

in the process of discovering the true nature of my being, of my soul, I went through a period of time feeling rather stiff; as if there was a discrepancy between my true self and the being I knew to be outwardly. I felt like shaking off that layer of stiffness, and wrote these words … Continue reading