particles called life

Life is fragile, yet powerful. It is soft, vibrant, and ever-moving. Its depth is profound and in eternal motion. It is unbelievable caring and soft, always allowing you to dance with it and shape it exactly as you wish. It, at any given moment, embraces you fully like a soft cloud of golden, light particles which moves with you as you conduct your daily life, responding to the energy of your being and thoughts. The cloud is composed of fractions of millions of realities and perspectives, layers and levels of perceptions corresponding and mirroring with the indefinable essence of truth in the midst of it all. You are a carrier of that truth.


Soft like the morning dew on a velvety flower-leaf, ever fragile, endlessly flavored and impeccably stunning; that is life. It is always now – and it holds room only for love. Love now, love fully, and love all, it encourages us.


There is only to love, it seems to tell us. Let all go and just love dear ones, it whispers in our ears. Forgive, let go, then surrender to love. Do what you must. Don’t waste a minute without love. Always meet yourself and those around you with complete love and honesty. It is really all there is, so don’t get fooled by any other thought. Don’t hold it back, always express it, always welcome it and embrace it when it smiles at you, because that is life. Let it flow because it is your very nature.It teaches with kindness, patience and love, setting the example rather than telling us what to do without any judgment.


We must not let life and love pass us by, passively sitting at the side of the road, but instead dive fully into it with courage, faith and compassion. Even an off-piste moment in the ditch at the side of the road is a part of the perfect picture. In those moment we learn as much about the ditch as being on the road and being a traveler of both. Contrast is our master teacher.


|Denmark 2010


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