storm in a glass of water

a grain depicting a bizarre but insightful lesson I was once taught, while having to accept letting go of a soul mate kind of love – noticing the strange dance between ego and soul.. ________________________________________________ storm in a glass of water Life has over the last many weeks been teaching me a lesson, so intense … Continue reading

two dogs let loose

Silent presence sets the scene upon which our souls sing, the melodies of our deepest self; Together they dance and play to the delicate tunes of the universe like two dogs let loose in a spring coated forest.   |Denmark 2009

footprints in my soul

Footprints in my soul Footprints in my soul Meetings on my path Why, dear, tread so deep Fodspor i min sjæl Møder på min vej Hvorfor trådte du så hårdt |Prague 2008

the second the eyes meet

a room full of eyes smiling, shining, singing eyes an evening of looks eyes meet many eyes, many meetings ________________________________ the second the eyes meet you know everything that second is all you need a moment of truth where lies cannot exist ________________________________ the second the eyes meet and you see in the eyes a … Continue reading