hanoi dining

a little grain of a much larger love story; one of infinite highs and most turbulent lows..


I never forget, my love, when we had dinner in Hanoi. A little, charming  family run Vietnamese restaurant in the old quarter of the city. They made excellent food. I will never forget it. We had dinner together, you and me. The restaurant was full of people and atmosphere; we were full of each other. We hardly noticed the world around us. We were talking eagerly, fascinated by each others streams of words. I was talking, you were listening in your blue shirt with the colorful pattern. Suddenly, you interrupted my talk, you said ‘you are so beautiful‘. The look on your face said the same. You meant it. The words kissed me. They touched me literally, right then. I could feel them, deep in my stomach, in my heart and in my throat. Your words just flew right into me, I was all open and unprepared and they embraced me. That little sentence from your mouth made such an impact. It was honest, and simple. I shall never forget that, and how beauty resides in improvised simplicity.


|Vietnam 2006


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