Words are funny. If you think about it, what are words actually? Small signs, letters, we structure and compile, in order to express ourselves, communicate and converse. We put words to things such that we have a frame of common reference. But words are just small, ingenious signs. Yet they play such a significant, dominating part in our lives. We put words to things, to what we see, think and feel. But words are just words, and we shall never be able to rightly, truthfully, describe in words that which we see, think and feel. Words are like what a map is to someone looking to find their way. They are a simplification of reality; a useful, necessary simplification nonetheless. As long as we remember that there is much more to life than what we with words can express, because we are much more than any word can ever depict.

Words are peculiar. They can be put together in endless combinations and ways. You can play with them;  and you can say a lot, with very few words; just like you can say close to nothing with infinite amounts of them, the words. Choose them carefully. It matters how you compile them, and in your chosen structure of wordings, expression hides between the pile of signs and lines, as wise shadows to the actual words themselves.


Words are so fantastically limiting
In a world of limitlessness
Yet they are the funding pillars
Of our societies
You can talk for hours
Without saying a thing
Some things cannot
Be approached by words


In one look, all can be said
In one look, all can be understood
Without words
We understand

|Denmark 2007


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