tapping into creativity

Creativity. Genius.


What is creativity?

What is genius?

And, how are these two related?


Creativity is perhaps one of the most essential flavors to human existence; one of the most important phenomena the human kind are capable of. Creativity will always be somewhat an enigma, an alluring riddle which, however hard a try, we cannot rightfully grasp. Could it be, that creativity is about tapping into that unlimited space of ingenious potential and divine inspiration and from there, as a vessel, take it in and bring it forth through the act of inspired creation? A space which is omnipresent and the goldmine upon which each living being is sitting; and thus, it’s about tapping in and catching the inspiration as it flies by, else it will fly on to be captured by someone else. It might be, that for each ideas and creation there is a moment when its time has come, and it all comes down to who tunes in and becomes the vessel to bring it forth.

See this entertaining and very insightful TED talk on this exact matter by writer Elizabeth Gilbert.


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